K23017 Levage et plateforme a billies

Année : 1997
Developed and manufactured for the production line, this lift tabel equipped with a ball platform is driven by a PLC (EdmoLift UC60 electrics) that operates the sequence in dead man΄s control. Positioning is given by the upper and lower limit switch.
The upper ball platform is designed with load restraint on three sides, alowing the operator to easilly transfer goods on /off the platform. The balls enables easy rotation of the goods while working in correct ergonomic height.
The lift tabe is equipped with an integrated power pack.
The PLC offers a guidance during fault tracing by connection a service control unit with buzzer functionality. The buzzer indicates the problem by giving different sequences, easy to translate and circle the problem.
By investing into this lift and conveyor with a capacity of 500 kg, equipped with a 0,9x0.7m platform, you’ll benefit from a lifting stroke of 0,6m and a closed height of 0,2m.

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